Twelve New Chapters

I've been known to say that you don't need a new year to start over or to set goals. Every morning is a new chance to begin again and go after wha

tever it is you desire. But, I have to say that starting a new year with a clean slate is pretty exciting too. It's twelve new chapters with 365 new chances (well, 366 this year!).

I spent the last couple months of 2019 reflecting on what it is I really want to accomplish or change in the new year. It was a tough year for me, mentally and emotionally. Fighting for inclusion for Stella, her starting kindergarten which was rough start and me trying to find my way as a stay at home mom with, now, no kids at home during the day had me feeling all the feels.

Health & Fitness

Health and fitness goals seem to be the big trend for the new year but truthfully, I've had my health and wellness pretty intact for the last 5 years. Don't get me wrong, it definitely needs some tweaking after the holidays but overall I have created great habits that I've continued over the years.

I usually set pretty big business goals as a health and wellness coach also, but I've taken a step back from that in the last six months and have decided not to make that a focus. I still hope and try to inspire people to make healthy life choices through social media and in my real life. I love to share my tips, tricks, ups, downs and overall wellness journey with my followers.

New Opportunity

In November, I was offered the opportunity to sign on as a rep with an incredible athletic wear company that really promotes women getting together to become healthier and more active. The clothes are amazing and I plan to continue to share more about this company and their amazing brand in the coming year. You can join my VIP fashion group over on facebook if you're interested in checking it out or at my link here.

Even though Stella is in school full time, I'm still not yet in a season where I can or choose to work full time. I pick her up early twice a week and also enjoy volunteering at her school. But I'm always looking for ways to help our family out financially as well as fill my own cup. I"m currently working toward becoming a substitute teacher in our local school system. I'm super excited to get the opportunity to be back in the classroom! I've also started freelancing for a local magazine and just had my first article published this month. So, I have a lot of eggs in my basket to keep me busy.

2020 Goals

My number one focus this year is to work on my spiritual health. That will be my priority and I believe also what will help everything else fall into place. My faith is very important to me but has often taken a back seat to life. When my faith is not first, I begin to suffer from anxiety, self sabotage, comparisons and self doubt. But with my faith in lead, I can do all things and focusing on becoming who God intended me to be. Not my will, His!

What I love to do and am passionate about is writing, so my goal is to write my little heart out. My blog is my online journal and my therapy. I plan to be more consistent with my blogging this year so watch for weekly updates by subscribing! I've also talked about writing a book for the last two years. This will be my year! No excuse, No more listening to the lies I've been telling myself about not being good enough. I am a writer and I'm going for it!

Setting Goals

Goals are a great way to motivate yourself to change and be better. But you can't stop at just setting goals. You have to create an action plan and you must take action! I believe in sharing your goals with others as a way to stay accountable which is why I chose to share them with you! Write down your goals, write down your action plan and take action! Let this year be the year that you do everything you say you're going to!

Happy New Year Friends!!


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