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Some of my friends may think it's a bit ironic that I'm writing a blog on fashion but bare with me while I explain. No, I'm no fashion guru though I do appreciate cute apparel. I tend to have my own flare when it comes to fashion, sometimes it's trendy, sometimes not. I dress how I feel. But the truth is I spend most of my time in workout clothes or some type of athleisure wear. A girl's gotta be comfy! So, how do we mix comfortable with functional and fashionable? I'm so glad you asked, because I have the answer for you!

Last fall I came across a premium brand of athletic and athleisure wear. I know, I'm so not one to purchase premium anything! My friends know that I'm all about a good deal and saving money. But when I say premium, I'm referring to the quality of this brand. Truth be told, it that wasn't what drew me to them. It was their selection of the cutest leggings, sports bras and tanks. I mean, so cute and such variety! I also loved that their pictures represented real women- all different sizes and shapes.

So, I jumped into the brand, not really knowing much about the quality, but I had heard it was legit, like amazing, from several friends. And if you can't trust your friends when it comes to clothing recommendations, who can you trust!? Everyone compared it to Lululemon and Athleta but I had never owned anyone of those brands so I didn't really have any high expectations. I mean, I had been buying leggings and sports bras off of Amazon and Old Navy. I was constantly having to tug on them and pull them up while I was wearing it but I assumed it was because of my body shape. I was also constantly wearing them out with holes and unraveling.

Leggings are life

Y'all, I put those first pair of Zyia leggings on and OHHH EMM GEE, like butter! It wasn't just the way they felt though, they literally compressed everything but not in an uncomfortable way, in a way that made me feel fit and FINE! Don't worry, not all of Zyia's leggings are compression for those who don't like that, but they all do pretty much feel like butter! Y'all, it gets even better!! I ran with those first pair of leggings and for the first time ever, I didn't have to keep puling them up or tugging on them! And I had my phone in my pocket!

Sports bras that support

Leggings are my jam, it's my thing, I LOVE a good, cute pair of leggings probably more than any other piece of clothing. But second to that is a good sports bra. Sports bras are particularly important for runners like myself. But even for my at home workouts, the girls need some support! Zyia's All Star bra is my favorite, in terms of cuteness and support. Their Grid bra is probably second on my list, mostly for cuteness but it's pretty supportive too. I have even been able to run it and the girls stayed put! But there is a huge variety, depending on what you're looking for.

Tanks and more

I'm not big on wearing tanks when I workout. I usually just like to workout in my sports bra because I workout from home. But Zyia's Havana tank is so good! It super light and flowy and comes in really pretty colors. Their Chill tanks and Twist tanks are high on my list for comfort and cuteness. And the Copper Charged tanks are super cute for a more fitted look. Again, there are way too many options for me to list here, but I encourage you to go take a look at the variety.

Don't even get me started on Zyia's joggers!! I'm obsessed with joggers anyway but what I hate about the ones that I had before Zyia, was that the booty always ended up losing its shape, making me look like I had no booty! And y'all know I do! Zyia's joggers never lose shape and they are so freaking comfortable. I have worn mine to run errands with sneakers. And I have also worn the same pair with heels, a cute top and necklace. So many of Zyia's pieces are so versatile! I love it!

I never realized what a difference good quality active wear can make especially in your workouts. It's so refreshing to have functional active wear that you can be comfortable and feel confident in. The quality really does make a difference. Though I still have never worn a Lululemon or Athleta piece, those are the brands that Zyia is most compared to BUT with a friendlier price point. I'm just gonna stick to my Zyia for now!

Zyia is for EVERYbody and for every BODY!! One of the things I LOVE about this brand! As a woman who preaches body positivity and body love, it makes me happy to see a brand that gets the fact that we are built differently! Clothes that are flattering to ALL body types is what we want! Our differences make us so beautiful!!

Can I get an AMEN!

Zyia sizes currently range from XS-XXXL/0-18 or 20, and there truly is something for everyone.

After falling in love with the products and the brand, I jumped in and became an associate for the company. You know when I find something that I love, I'm gonna tell everyone about it! Why wouldn't I?! If you've tried Zyia and love it as much as me, maybe you should consider joining my GIRL GANG and become an associate too! There are so many perks including discounted active wear!! If you haven't tried it yet, I have a Fitness Fashion VIP group over on Facebook where you can learn more about the brand and maybe even give it a try. I also have opportunities for YOU to host a party online where I do all the work and you get a chance to earn FREE and discounted products! Click here to join my Vip Fashion group. You can also check out the Zyia products by clicking here.

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