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So, I kinda did a thing...

It was time for a change! Ya, know sometimes your passions change and your purpose goes a different route. My purpose has always been to have a positive impact in this world, to leave it better than when I entered it. I love to help others and to watch people succeed! So, I've decided to build a new business and guess what?! It's in social media!

Social media and I have had a love/hate relationship for years. The first time I created a social media account was probably around 2008. And the only reason I started this account is because I was going back to college and it was a requirement for me to have a Facebook account. Or at least, that's what I remember. So, I create a Facebook account, had no friends, never posted, no one I knew was on or had even heard of Facebook at the time. I was in my early 30s, not your typical college student.

Anyway, as time went on, I started getting friend requests from people. They were mostly people that I had gone to high school with or hadn't seen in years. So, naturally, I ignored them. I didn't want people in my business and I still didn't understand the point of this whole Facebook thing. Eventually, I would catch on and post an occasion update, something ridiculous like, "taking the kids to the park," or "I'm going to fix the boys breakfast for dinner tonight," or "trying to make homemade playdoh." Seriously, y'all these are actually posts from 10 years ago! Thanks to Facebook memories I'm reminded how lame and boring I was or really still am.

As you know, Facebook eventually became a more common thing and I began to follow suit to the kinds of things others were posting about, pictures of my kids, complaining about everything, passive aggressive posts that no one understands but that make everyone want to know what's going on. But I was still super private with my account. I accepted very few friends requests because I assumed everyone was just being nosy.

Enter Network Marketing

Then I got into network marketing, which happens to be one of the best ways (IMO) for a stay at home mom (or really anyone but I'm referring to my status) to make some extra money and feel good about herself. I know it gets a bad rap but y'all, it was a game changer for me in so many ways! I was able to make money! I grew tons of new close friendships! I found a passion in fitness and wellness! I gained crazy confidence that I never had before! I gained a drive and determination that had never been there. So, all you haters can hate but it literally has changed thousands of lives, including mine.

As I really began to get into my network marketing gig, I began to learn the ins and outs of social media and how growing a following could actually help my business. That's when I really started stepping outside of my comfort zone and letting more people into my little space. My network grew right along with my business. But that wasn't the best part! The best part was the random people that I met through social media that I have built lifelong relationships with. I will always be a network marketer even if it's not my main focus. I'm a lifer and will continue to help people with their health and wellness.


I then decided to start using social media to advocate for my daughter and all people with different abilities. I realized how many more people I could reach by posting on social media on a regular basis. Here's the love/hate part: Social media can be dangerous. It can be filled with negativity which can easily be contagious if you let it. It can also be very easy to fall into the comparison trap with everyone posting their highlight reels. It's either people bitching about something or someone or it's people posting their perfect pics of their perfect homes, families, clothes, etc. But that's not completely true! Because then you have people like me, who are just trying to make the world a better place, to spread joy, love and a message of kindness and inclusion. Yes, I've been guilty of bitching! Yep, I like for my photos to be pretty. But I do try to be real and raw without oversharing.

Why do I love social media so much?

It has not only given me a way to make money while staying at home, more importantly, it has given me a voice and a platform to spread my message and reach more people. I absolutely love the people that social media has led me to and the relationships that I have been able to form from it. I mean, you should seriously see the badass group of momma bears that I have met through Instagram! And that is what social media is really all about, building relationships.

Why not become a social media manager?

If you've been following me, you know that I have spent most of this year in limbo, trying to decide what I would do once my youngest started school full time. I've been a stay at home mom for 17 years now and had been feeling a little lost. I have spent the last few month devising a plan and the launch of my Social Media Manager/Marketer business. It's still in the planning/implementing stage but I feel ready to announce it to the world now. I've been in love with social media for a while for all the reasons I've already described. I love learning the ins and outs, algorithms, and features. I've seen what a good following and great engagement can do for a business/entrepreneur. And I absolutely love supporting other small businesses and entrepeneurs. I love their drive and passion! But I also know the work that it takes to grow a following, build relationships (this is key!) and get great engagement to grow your business. That's why it's my passion and purpose to help these businesses! I want to take away some of the stress and burden while helping them to grow their businesses.

I am so excited to begin this new chapter in my life and can't wait to start watching these businesses take off. If you or someone you know is in need of help getting their business started or growing on social media, please contact me. I can offer a variety of services from performing a social media audit, creating and posting relevant content, developing a posting schedule and engaging with your audience. Just one less thing that you have to worry about as a business owner. Thank you guys for always supporting me!

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