17 Years of Marriage

My hubby and I celebrated our 17 year anniversary over the weekend. And by celebrated, I mean we went out to dinner with our kiddos and our friends- super romantic! This time of year is always so crazy for us- Friday was our middle son, Joey's 14th birthday, Saturday- our anniversary, Monday- Chris turned 48 and on Friday, Stella will be 7! Oh yea, and Halloween is on Thursday! It's all so fun, but we tend to combine celebrations.

You know, it's crazy to me that we've been married for 17 years but it's also hard to remember a time without him in my life. Not just surviving marriage, but thriving our marriage for all of these years has taken so much work, dedication, patience and resilience. I'm sure on the day we got married, there were whispers across the room of "I can't believe they're getting married already, they just met!" "It will never last!" "I give them a year!"

Don't get me wrong, our family and friends were super supportive but we didn't really start our marriage on the best terms and we did kinda just jump in, so they're whispers were warranted. But we have persevered and are stronger and better for it!

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of the day I would get married and start a family. I grew up thinking I needed a man to complete me. I thought I wasn’t enough on my own. It’s sad, really, to think about the time I wasted with guys who treated me so badly, just because I thought I “needed” to be with someone. Can you relate?

Then God sent me this man. He was unexpected and I certainly didn’t think the timing was right. But God had other plans. He knew what was best for me. I did need Chris at the time. Not because I “needed a man to save me.” But Because being with him has taught me so much about who I really am. I’ve never been more me, than I am with him. He was able to see things in me that I couldn’t see in myself at the time. I am enough, I am strong, I am capable, I am worthy of love. I don’t need a man to complete me, but this man has given me more belief in myself and makes me want to be a better me. I’m not with him because I need to be, we are just better together.

I don’t believe that we all need a man (or woman) to save or complete us. But I am thankful everyday that I was able to see myself through this mans eyes and see that I was/am deserving of more. I am thankful that he saw in me what I couldn’t see. I am thankful that he has stayed with me through so many hard times. I am thankful that God is always working through the two of us. We are a perfectly imperfect team! And he is my man crush today and everyday. You are already worthy so make sure that you wait for the one who already sees that in you!

Here's to 17 plus more years of driving each other crazy and loving every minute of it! Honestly, there is no one I'd rather drive me crazy than you, Chris!

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